Custom Solutions

With over a decade of experience providing electronic healthcare solutions, iClinic’s dedicated team of developers can customize Rich Internet Applications according to your specialty and specifications.

The Cardiac Rehab module allows cardiovascular rehabilitation clinics to offer a fully electronic intake and data management system to their patients and staff. The CR module supports multiple clinic locations, a dashboard view of the patient’s intake assessment and an auto-generated letter that can be sent back to the referring doctor.

Cardiac Rehab Workflow is the complementary scheduling and internal billing application designed specifically for use with Cardiac Rehab.

The Heart Failure web application allows Heart Failure clinics to capture and track over 150 data points. HF allows the user to easily compare baseline data to previous visits and offers customizable reports to show the latest visit stats or a comprehensive report displaying data changes through all the visits.

iClinic AFibThe AF Clinic web application allows Atrial Fibrillation Clinics to capture and track pertinent data metrics for their patients in an easy to use user interface. Capture over 100 separate data points such as Patient History, Comorbidities, Medical Events, History Presenting Illness, Test Results, Current Drugs, Outcomes and Care Management.