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Acute Care Clinical Trials  •  Advanced Guidelines  •  Automated Consent System  •  Automated Patient Reminder System  •  Care Standard  •  Discrete Clinical Data Points  •  Intelligent Alerts  •  Interdisciplinary Collaboration  •  Meaningful Data Integration  •  Medications Reconciliation  •  Patient Self Check-in  •  Patient Self Management  •  Smart Decision Support System

About iClinic

iClinic specializes in the design and development of smart, innovative and practical eHealth Solutions. Our solutions span across physicians’ private offices into hospital clinics over multiple specialities, creating a true ecosystem of health information - One Patient, One Record.

With embedded decision support based on standardized treatment guidelines and the ability to capture and integrate discrete clinical data, our solutions enhance patient care and health management.
To Do / Workflow
Convenient task reviews and performances of downstream activities.

Real-time notifications of lab results, patient arrivals, secure messages, and more.

Intelligent filters for efficient task management.
Specialty Specific Clinical Data
Customizable clinical data for smart data capture.

Automatic inclusion of clinical data, medications and personal history on letters.

Smart clinical reporting tools for population health management.
Scheduler / iReception / Waitlists
Single glance view of multiple calendars, rooms and facilities.

Swift patient booking into the next and best available timeslot.

Tightly integrated waitlists. Powerful single click appointment booking.
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