Designed by Specialists for Specialists

iClinic MD
Built specifically for the medical specialist. Our iClinic MD modules are tightly integrated to provide quick, seamless information for our users.
Work Flow Management
iClinic MD works the way your clinic works. Communicate with your MOAs and other physicians and collaborate with them by assigning tasks. Track appointments, lab results, consults, referrals, and other tasks from a single page.
Additional Features

iClinic Solutions

Atrial Fibrillation
Cardiac Rehab
Cardiac Rehab Workflow
Heart Failure
Heart Failure Oncology
Intensive Care Unit
Smoking Cessation
Sports Cardiology
Women's Cardiology
Asthma COPD
Parkinson's / Neuromuscular Disorder

Advanced Features

Guideline-based Decision Support

Medication Reconciliation

Intelligent Alerts

Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Medical Sensors & Wearables

Electronic Consent System

Patient Self Check-In

Patient Self Management

Automated Patient Reminder System
Population Health Management

Visual Analytics

Urgency Referral Calculator

Synchronized Clinical Data Points
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